Union Location Sound Mixer with gear based in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas. Commercial, Corporate, Scripted, Reality and Documentary. 


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From the recording studio to major network television sets, I have been providing professional audio services for over 13 years. With a breadth of experience and a keen "ear" for detail I pride myself on bridging the gap between technical aptitude and creativity to deliver clean and clear audio quickly, efficiently and reliably. 

I am a Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas based Sound Supervisor / A1 / Location Sound Mixer. I specialize in recording production audio for broadcast across a variety of platforms and circumstances. All of my multitrack sound packages are professional grade and can be designed and built to your specific production requirements. 

Every project is different and it takes careful planning and evaluation to make sure it's handled properly from the field through post. I can ensure you will get industry standard results backed with years of diverse experience- I'm more than just another bag mixer with a fancy website. Using a personalized, hands on approach I can see the job through from start to finish making certain it's getting the treatment it needs. Trusting your production sound with a "local hire" can be daunting, but I have spent years honing my craft, learning from some of the best production mixers, engineers and technicians from Los Angeles to Boston. I'm a proven commodity with the credits and references to prove it! 

My resume includes corporate, commercial, scripted/narrative, reality/docu-series and verité documentary work. 

Feel free to bring me any questions about your current or upcoming projects to see how I can best fulfill your location sound needs.


  • Wireless System Design and Frequency Coordination
  • House Set Builds
  • Mobile Control Room and Location Builds
  • Control Room Mixing/ A1
  • ENG/Bag Mixing
  • Dual System Record (788T, MetaCorder, etc)
  • Host In-Ear IFB
  • Front of House Playback/ Sound Reinforcement
  • Coordinating with Line Producers, AD, Camera Dept and Multiple Sound Teams
  • Adventure Shows
  • Athletes in Play
  • Large Cast (40+)
  • Multicamera Shoots w/ Timecode Lock
  • Extensive Domestic/ International Travel
  • Stage Shows w/ Studio Audience
  • Full Size and Smaller Camera bodies (C300, RED, Sony F3, F900, P2, Alexa, XD Cam, DSLR, 5D, 7D, etc)
  • Hidden Camera
Dallas based Union Sound Mixer

Dallas based Union Sound Mixer

Available locally in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Boston. I'm happy to discuss options for regional coverage in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Shreveport, New Orleans, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and the rest of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. 

Domestic and international travel tested and approved!

The ever growing map of places TV has taken me!

The ever growing map of places TV has taken me!